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    Sigfox DF520 Bottom installation Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor

    The DF520 is one kind of ultrasonic liquid level sensor, which can detect the liquid level by outside bottom installation without drilling holes. The tank thickness can be up to 10mm. (For special thickness, please contact with CNDingtek for confirmation.) The resolution is 1mm or 0.1%FS (the bigger value). The measurement ranges from 0-10 meters. It can be used for kinds of tanks, including iron, aluminium alloy, plastic and etc. It is applicable for automotive, oil station, chemical storage, LPG tank, and other industrial tanks to realize realtime monitoring of storage, online inventory management, statistics and estimation of production. Through the built-in Sigfox module, the level data is sent to the network server through the Sigfox gateway. Generally we divide the frequency band into RCZ1, RCZ2, RCZ3, RCZ4 .

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