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    LoRaWAN DF520 Bottom installation Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor

    The DF520 is one kind of ultrasonic liquid level sensor, which can detect the liquid level by outside bottom installation without drilling holes. With LoRaWAN® module, it transmit the status via gateway to networks server and application server. User can monitor the status remotely. It is optional for different frequency, such as 470Mhz (China), 868Mhz (Europe), 915Mhz(USA), 865Mhz(India),915Mhz(Australia), 923Mhz (Australia,New Zealand). There is one version with inner battery as well as with external power supply. The battery version can work for the projects where power supply is not so easy. It is opened for customized design (OEM/ODM) on hardware or software.

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