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Smart Cities Solution Supplier CNDingtek


  • Malta Waste Bin Sensor 800

    800 smart waste bin sensor were installed in Malta in 2018. It was used to detect the trash bin’s full-empty status, fir hazard or lodging status. Through the built-in low-power wireless NB-IoT module

  • Smart Road Sign 200+

    CNDingtek implement 200+ units road sign detector at Tianjin. This device detect the road sign status, if inclined by hit, it will notify the maintainance team to proceed. As it uses NB-IoT wireless, the battery can work for more than 3 years.

  • Tianjin Smart Waste Bins 3000+

    CNDingtek implement 3000+units smart waste bin detector with NB-IoT wireless at Heping District, Tianjin. The system includes the web application, cell phone app and sensor. It cover the bins, vehicles, and operators. Decrease 50% operating cost, 20% bins. Significantly improve the performance of waste management.

  • Xiong'An Smart City Projects: 4 applications from CNDingtek

    Xiongan new district is the vice capital of China. CNDingtek installed 4 applications, including parking sensor, waste bin sensor, manhole sensor, temperature/humidity sensor with NB-IoT China Unicom network. The project is implemented at March 2018.

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